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Alexandra Chalupa Biography

Alexandra Chalupa Biography

Alexandra Chalupa is a Ukrainian-American who Currently lived in Washington D.C. She is the best know as a human rights hobbyist. She runs a political consulting firm in Washington D.C. She was a former Democratic National Committee contractor. Her investigations, focusing on former Donald Trump campaign president Paul Manafort, and Trump’s ties with Russia during the 2016 presidential election, have sparked controversy.

Who is Alexandra Chalupa

Chalupa’s LinkedIn page says she is the founder and has been president of Chalupa & Associates, LLC., Since 2013. She is located in Washington DC. She has worked as a “co-coordinator” of the National Council for Democratic Ethnic Coordination, a position she has held since 2013. She wrote that she was “responsible for reaching diaspora groups and organizations across the country to increase voter participation and send messages on issues such as immigration reform. ”

In 2012, he was Adam Cook’s campaign manager for Congress. From 2006 to 2011, she was director of the Office of Party Leaders for the DNC. She was executive director of Democrats abroad and, in 2003, for a year, was the director of online electoral reach for the presidential campaign of John Kerry.

In September 2019, the Trump Committee to defend the president filed a complaint from the Federal Election Commission against the National Democratic Committee appointing Alexandra Chalupa.

According to Fox News, the complaint alleges that Chalupa acted “inappropriately to collect information about Paul Manafort and Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.” Fox reports that Chalupa was a DNC contractor during that election.

Alexandra Chalupa Married, Children

Chalupa is a married woman and the mother of three girls.

Alexandra Chalupa Husband

She was married to Jeff Roof. According to the website, her husband is the “Project Director at CRB Consulting Engineers, INC.” and is from Salisbury, North Carolina.

Alexandra Chalupa Education

According to her facebook profile she “studied Voting Rights and International Law at UC Davis School of Law” and “Studied Peace & Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley.” She went to Davis Senior High School.

Alexandra Chalupa Facebook

Alexandra Chalupa Criticized Donald Trump

She strongly criticized those who criticized Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who testified about his concerns regarding Trump’s handling of Ukraine following the allegation of a complainant. “Republicans who have spent the last three years covering up Putin’s hybrid war against the United States are now attacking an American army officer who has dedicated his life to protecting the national security of the United States,” Chalupa wrote on his Twitter page. . “These Republicans are traitors.”

Chalupa also wrote: “A stadium full of red hats and songs of” lock it up “addressed to special guest Donald Trump. The locals in the capital of our nation do not appreciate that it marks our house as a” swamp “or anything else that the puppet Putin’s do to harm our country; the list is long. #FakePresident “.

On Facebook, she wrote: “Putin backed and committed the president of the United States who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and won the Electoral College due to three states in which his campaign manager linked to Putin, Paul Manafort, provided the internal Russians The data and information from the polls to, reacted badly to the press conference this morning focused on the investigation of political trial of the House, which was led by President Nancy Pelosi and the chairman of the Committee of Intelligence, Adam Schiff … ”

She also wrote: “You never know who will appear in the #KremlinAnnex, especially on the birthday of special lawyer Robert Mueller. A little bird told me that Trump and his criminal associates have many problems since Mueller’s team follows the money and tweets “.

In 2017, she wrote: “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who is one of the strongest voices in Russia. We had a great meeting tonight. She’s not afraid. “His Facebook page is full of photos of protests against Trump.