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Lt Col Alexander S. Vindman Biography

Alexander S. Vindman Biography, Wiki

Alexander S. Vindman is an American foreign affairs specialist serving on the National Security Council as director for European Affairs.

Alexander S. Vindman Age

He is 44 years old.

Early life and education

Alexander Vindman and his twin brother Yevgeny were born in Ukraine. After the death of their mother, they were brought to New York in December 1979 by their father, Semyon (Simon) along with their older brother. They grew up in Brooklyn’s “Little Odessa” neighborhood. The twins and their maternal grandmother were in the Ken Burns film, “The Statue of Liberty (film)”. Vindman speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian.


Vindman is married to the former Rachel D. Cartmill. Vindman’s identical twin brother, Yevgeny, is an attorney on the National Security Council.

Alexander S. Vindman Bio

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman of the Army is a National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert. Twice registered internal objections about how Mr. Trump and his inner circle were treating Ukraine, out of what he called a ‘sense of duty,’ he plans to tell the inquiry.”

“He will be the first White House official to testify who listened in on the July 25 telephone call between Mr. Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.”

Lt Col Alexander S. Vindman Trump Ukraine Call

On October 28, 2019, Vindman’s opening statement, issued before his statement on October 29, 2019, was released in a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Oversight Committee

“In the spring of 2019, I noticed external influential people who propagated a false and alternative representation of Ukraine that contradicted the consensus opinion of the Interagency and” harmed the national security of the United States “and” the efforts of the government of the United States to expand undermined cooperation with Ukraine. ”

Vindman says he was also affected by two events he opposed in real time against senior officials and that he informed the Attorney General of the National Security Council. The first event took place on July 10 at a meeting of the then Minister of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Oleksandr Danlylyuk, with the United States National Security Adviser John Bolton, at which Ambassador Volker and Sondland and the Minister of Energy Rick Perry participated in Sondland Ukraine will initiate investigations against the Bidens to receive a meeting with President Trump. Vindman said that Bolton had interrupted the meeting and that he and Fiona Hill both told Ambassador Sondland that his comments were inappropriate and that he had informed the NSC’s superior council of concerns.

The second event occurred on a July 25th phone call between President Trump and Zelensky when Trump directly asked Zelensky to investigate the Bidens in exchange for military aid. Vindman states, “‘I was concerned by the call. I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a US citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the US Government’s support of Ukraine, and the potential to undermine US national Security.” Vindman also reported this event to the NSC’s lead counsel.

Why do house researchers want to hear from Vindman?

US officials previously told CNN that the standard procedure suggests that Vindman heard the July 25 conversation and probably played a role in handling the call log.
In addition to the questions about the content of this conversation, Vindman will probably press during the minutes of the appeal to White House officials trying to control the implications.
CNN previously reported that the confusion that occurred in the hours and days after the call and described by six people who are familiar with it is parallel and expands the details described in the whistleblower complaint.
Concern and concern are reflected in a telephone conversation that deeply disturbed national security experts, even though Trump now insists there is nothing wrong with his own behavior. And it shows a failed effort ultimately to stop the agitation of lawyers in the administration.
Vindman was also one of five Trump administration officials who were selected for a US delegation headed by Energy Minister Rick Perry to attend the opening ceremony of Zelensky in May, sent to Ukraine.
The denunciation of the complainants alleged that the president had degraded the delegation and ordered that “Vice President Pence cancel his planned trip” because he wanted to see “how Zelenskyy decided to take office.”
Both Sondland and Volker have testified before the House committees in the political trial investigation. Perry, who is described by some as a key element of US relations with Ukraine, has pledged to work with lawmakers to investigate the allegations of the complainant.
A source who accompanied Perry on this trip told CNN that they had never heard Biden in discussions or as part of the trip’s mission. According to the source, Perry travels regularly at the request of the White House.
Volker resigned from his post after being affected by the complaints of the complainant. Perry plans to cancel his position in the administration until December.

Questions about Trump-Zelensky call transcript

House of Representatives Democrats are likely to be interested in knowing what Vindman calls the Trump-Zelensky call log immediately after the call, particularly claims by complainants that it was not stored in a security system. typical superior but in an inappropriate president system
Previously, CNN reported that almost as soon as Trump hung up, news of what he had said in the teleconference was distributed among National Security Council personnel, particularly his request that Zelensky investigate Biden. The request was cause for concern for some of its national security officials, who discussed with each other if Trump had crossed a border.
Initially, the process of transcription and archiving of the call followed the standard procedures for dozens of previous presidential talks with foreign leaders: the raw protocol was distributed to a small group of officials, including the National Security Advisor, the Deputy Security Advisor National, members of the Executive Secretariat and lawyers National Security Council.
From there, the Director of the National Security Council for Ukraine, Vindman, verified the accuracy of the document before sending it to the then National Security Advisor John Bolton and his deputy Charles Kupperman. At this time, the document would normally be marked as “restricted access” and would be transmitted as necessary.
But in a matter of days, a National Security Council lawyer, by order of his boss John Eisenberg, ordered Council officials to postpone transcription in the codified system, a former White House official said, despite the fact that He was there during the call. No encoded material was discussed.
A person familiar with the matter said it was possible for Eisenberg to use the call log after his first call to the main CIA lawyer in the keyword system to “keep the record” because he realized that it was It could be a legal issue However, other people familiar with the matter said the measure had taken place after officials realized internal concerns and wanted to prevent others from reading the document.

Fast Facts You Need to Know


The United States and Ukraine are and must remain, strategic partners, working together to realize the shared vision of a stable, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine that is integrated into the Euro-Atlantic community. Our partnership is rooted in the idea that free citizens should be able to exercise their democratic rights, choose their own destiny, and live in peace.

It has been a great honor to serve the American people and a privilege to work in the White House and on the National Security Council. I hope to continue to serve and advance America’s national security interests.

Thank you again for your consideration, and now I would be happy to answer your questions.