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Alexander Borodin Bio

Alexander Borodin Bio: Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin was born on twelfth Nov 1833 and died on twenty-seventh Feb 1887. He was a Russian Romantic composer of Georgian-Russian origin WHO was a doctor and chemist by profession and created vital early contributions to the sector of chemistry. though Borodin is best famous nowadays a musician, throughout his time period, he regarded medication and science as his primary occupations, solely following music and composition in his spare time or once he was sick. He was one in all the outstanding musicians of the 19th-century underneath The Mighty Handful, a bunch dedicated to producing unambiguously Russian kind of musical genre, instead of imitating earlier Western European models.

borodin was born in Saint military campaign as AN illegitimate son of a 62-year-old Georgian aristocrat, Luka Stepanovich Gedevanishvili, and a married 25-year-old Russian girl, Evdokia Konstantinovna Antonova. The circumstances of Alexander’s birth forced the Lord to own him registered because of the son of 1 of his Russian serfs, Porfiry Aleksandr Borodin, therefore the composer’s Russian surname. As a result of this registration, each Alexander and his nominal Russian father Porfiry were formally serfs of Alexander’s biological father, Luka. The Georgian father emancipated Alexander from serfhood once he was seven and provided housing and cash for him and his mother. In spite of this, Alexander was ne’er publically recognized by his mother, WHO stayed shut however was observed by young Aleksandr Borodin as his “aunt”.

Borodin was well provided for by his Georgian father and grew up in a very sizeable four-storey house despite his standing as a somebody, that was precocious to Alexander and his “aunt” by the Lord. though his registration prevented enrollment in a very correct gymnasium, Aleksandr Borodin received correct education all told of the topics through personal tutors reception. In 1850 he entered the Medical-Surgical Academy in Saint military campaign, that was later home to Pavlov, and pursued a career in chemistry. On graduation, he spent a year as a doctor in a very infirmary, followed by 3 years of advanced scientific study in western Europe.

In 1862 Aleksandr Borodin came back to Saint military campaign to require up to an educational chair in chemistry at the Imperial Medical-Surgical Academy. He additionally began taking lessons in composition from Mily Balakirev in 1862. Aleksandr Borodin spent the rest of his scientific career in analysis, instruction and overseeing the education of others. Eventually, he established medical courses for girls (1872). Music remained a secondary vocation for Aleksandr Borodin outside his primary career as a chemist and MD

Alexander Borodin Wife and Daughter

He married Ekaterina Protopopova, a pianist, in 1863, and had one daughter, named Liza Balaneva.

Alexander Borodin Death and Cause

Alexander Borodin suffered poor health, having overcome cholera and several minor heart attacks. He died on  27 February 1887 (aged 53) from a Heart attack during a ball at the Academy and was interred in Tikhvin Cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Saint Petersburg.

Alexander Borodin Google Doodle

On 12th November 2018, Google dedicated a doodle to Alexander Borodin on his 185th Birthday Anniversary for creating a powerful legacy in two different fields (a  distinguished chemist and one of Russia’s greatest classical composers).

Alexander Borodin Legacy

Borodin’s compositions place him in the front rank of Russian composers. He had a strong lyric vein but also was noted for his handling of heroic subjects. He had an unusually fine rhythmic sense and excelled in the use of orchestral colour and in the evocation of distant places. In his symphonies and string quartets—among the finest of the Romantic era—he developed a formal structure in which the musical material of a movement was derived from a single initial motif. His melodies reflect the character of Russian folk melodies, and like other composers of the Russian national school, he used striking harmonies unconventional in western European music.

Alexander Borodin Bio

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