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Who is Alex Bancroft Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter

Alex Bancroft Wiki – Alex Bancroft Biography

Orange County deputies arrested Alex Bancroft who is from Dover on Saturday night for allegedly making an online threat to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters, authorities said.
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said it received a clue that 30-year-old Alex Bancroft posted the threat on his Facebook page Friday. After others voiced skepticism in comments he would follow from the threat of violence, Bancroft replied, “Watch out for the Fla news,” he said.
Investigators found another threat on Bancroft’s Facebook page with Cards Against Humanity, a photo of the cards in the game. Officials said Bancroft’s card answers. I killed African children. How do you ask? An AR-15 assault rifle. ”
Sheriff’s Office issued an order to arrest Bancroft in Hillsborough County, but said he was leaving to visit a friend in Central Florida. He was arrested at 11:00 in Orlando. By Orange County lawmakers.
Bancroft told investigators that it would not hurt anyone, and wrote messages of disappointment.
He is charged with the crime of a written threat to kill or do bodily injury.
Online records show that Bancroft is currently held in Orange County Prison and will be transferred to Hillsborough County. The bond is $ 7,500.
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said it takes all online threats seriously.
Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office said in a press release Sunday that Bancroft threatened to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters, released on Friday. In comments on the post, people actually said they would not be subjected to violence, and Bancroft told the Sheriff’s Office, “Watch out for Fla news.”
Investigators found out in an earlier photographic publication that Bancroft threatened violence in the form of “Cards Against Humanity, a popular self-proclaimed party game” for scary people. “The prompt on his mission read,” That’s right. I killed _____. How do you ask? _____. “His answers were” African children “and” AR-15 assault rifle. ”
Bancroft told lawmakers that his messages were disappointing and would not harm anyone.
“If you think you can hide behind a computer screen while threatening to hurt another person, you are absolutely wrong,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said in the newsletter.

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