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Aleigha Stevenson is an 8-year-old who was believed to be abducted by her mother Wednesday morning, June 9th as per an Amber Alert activated in Los Angeles and Orange counties by the California Highway Patrol.

Aleigha Stevenson Amber Alert

AN Amber Alert has been issued for an eight-year-old girl in Los Angeles who was allegedly abducted by her “armed and dangerous” mother in the early hours of the morning.

The missing child, Aleigha Stevenson, was last seen around 1.40am in her father’s home in the Leimert Park neighborhood of South LA.

How Old is Aleigha Stevenson?

She is 8 years old.

When was she last seen?

Aleigha was last seen in the area of W 42nd Street and 7th Avenue in the Leimert Park neighborhood of South L.A. CHP says Stevenson was abducted around 1:40 a.m. and is suspected to be with her mother, 29-year-old Kera Stevenson, who is believed to be in either a 2004 black Chevrolet Suburban with California license plate “8UIB679,” or a black 2017 BMW 320 with an Oklahoma license plate “EGU358.”

“The suspect should be considered armed and dangerous,” CHP said in the Amber Alert flyer.

Aleigha Stevenson Description

Stevenson and Aleigha’s father are currently embroiled in a custody battle over the girl.

There is a domestic violence restraining order on file, LAPD said, though details of that order were not immediately shared.

Aleigha is described as being four feet tall and weighing 100 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing pink and white pajamas.

Anyone who spots the child or woman is being asked to call 911.

Her mom, Kera Stevenson has a restraining order
The Los Angeles Police officers responded to a call regarding a “domestic violence restraining order.” When they arrived, they found Aleigha’s father and his ex-wife, Kera Stevenson, have an ongoing child custody dispute and there is a restraining order on file. The father told police that Kera showed up at his home with three additional Black male suspects.

Kera was allowed to enter the home to see her daughter, at which time, one of the male suspects pushed his way into the residence. “They forcibly removed the child and fled,” the LAPD wrote in a press release. According to the police, Kera does not have any custodial rights of Aleigha.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Aleigha Stevenson, please contact LAPD’s Southwest Area Detectives, at 213-485-9801.

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Aleigha is believed to have been taken by her mother, 29-year-old Kera Stevenson, who does not have custody of the girl.

The woman should be considered “armed and dangerous,” LAPD said.

Stevenson reportedly showed up at her ex-husband’s home with three people early this morning local time.

She was reportedly let in the home to see the girl when she brandished a handgun.

One of the men Stevenson was with then pushed their way into the home and “forcibly removed the child.”

Stevenson and her entourage reportedly fled the scene in two different vehicles and sped away.

One of the cars is a 2004 black Chevrolet Suburban with California license plate “8UIB679,” and the other is a black 2017 BMW 320 with an Oklahoma license plate “EGU358.”

Police are not sure which of the vehicles Aleigha was bungled into.

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