California Basketball Coach Accused of Sex With Student: Alec Denney Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Alec Denney Biography – Alec Denney Wiki

Alec Andrue Denney, 25, is the former California high school basketball coach who is accused of engaging in sexual activity with an underage student for several months.

Alec Denney Age

He is 25 years old.

Alec Denney Investigations

According to a report, the police launched an investigation after receiving the notice and arrested Denney the same day. Prisoner records show that Denney was registered with Tulare County Prison on October 29th.


As of this writing, Denney’s case has not yet been entered in online court records for the county, and it is not immediately clear whether he has hired a lawyer.

Alec Denney Accused

Denney was accused of sexual intercourse with a student at Tulare West High School for nearly 9 months, according to KFSN-TV. Referring to Tulare Police Sergeant Ed Hinojosa, the exit reported that on October 28, a friend of the victim said something to an adult. According to a report from the police, the report was received by the Tulare Police Department School Resource Officer.


Before making the arrest, the authorities interviewed the victim, who was 15 years old when the suspected relationship began, as well as school staff and Denney. Police said Denney was detained “without incident”.


Denney is on trial for three serious crimes, according to Tulare County Sheriff prisoner records:


Illegal se*ual intercourse

Sexual intercourse by a foreign body with a victim under the age of 16

Sexual battery with restriction

Prisoner records show that the bond was set at $ 1.385 million.


The news release from Tulare Police also stated that Denney was facing charges such as verbal mating of a child under the age of 16, sexual intercourse with a minor, digital penetration and a sexual battery.


Denney has worked in the sports department of Tulare West High School for at least two seasons. Referring to a statement from the school district, KSEE-TV reported that Denney was an assistant coach on the girls’ college basketball team in the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons.


Visalia Times-Delta reported that Denney was acting as assistant coach for the boy’s college team.


The Tulare Partner Alliance High School District has released a statement republished on ABC30 Action News’ website. The statement is partially read:


The district takes the allegations against Mr. Denney very seriously and continues to work with the Tulare Police Department while investigating this issue. While the District understands the need and desire for further information, there are certain laws that govern school districts and prohibit the District from sharing details of the ongoing staff investigation.


The district is committed to the safety and well-being of all our students. All District staff receive regular training and guidance on the importance of maintaining proper relationships with students. The district encourages both students and staff to promptly report any misconduct an employee perceives.


When the district learns of potential criminal misconduct by an employee, it immediately reports the behavior to law enforcement. To this end, we recommend that if anyone has any information on this matter, you should report it to the District and the Tulare Police Department immediately.


Police said Denney was classified as a “fast track” employee and did not teach any classes in the district when he was coaching. However, according to the records on the California Commission Teacher Entitlement website, he has a license to allow him to serve as a substitute teacher.


The record indicates that Denney has received a “30-Day Substitute Education Permit”. It was released in February 2020 and is valid until March 2021. On the page, Denney’s last known place of work was in Tulare County.


Substitute education leave is explained on the website:


This permit authorizes the licensee to serve as a substitute teacher for more than thirty days during a school year, in twelfth grades, including pre-school, and in classes specifically for adults. Provided that the employer organization has a statement of need in its file for the school year, the certificate holder can fulfill this permit in any district where the document is registered.


Denney is an active member of the California National Guard. ABC30 Action News confirmed that Denney was part of a “danger response unit” and that the military “cooperated in the investigation”.


A search of online registrations reveals a LinkedIn account for Alec Denney, from Tulare, California, which appears to have been most recently updated in late 2017. The account holder wrote that he joined the Army National Guard in December 2017 and studied kinesiology. in an online university program. He also states on the page that he coaches a college high school team and hopes to become a high school physical education teacher.


Denney does not appear to have been previously charged with criminal activities in California. A search of online records for Tulare County, California Supreme Court reveals three traffic violations.

Alec Denney Criminal Record

In 2014, Denney was shown for driving at an “unsafe speed”. The record shows that Denney agreed to pay a $ 278 fine.