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Jailed for Three Years: Albert Grannon Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Albert Grannon Biography

He was the Killer of his grandson named Stanley Metcalf who was only 5 years old. Albert Grannon, 78, first told police the pellet must have ricocheted as he checked the weapon at his home in the East Yorkshire village of Sproatley on July 26 last year. Today the court jailed him for three years.

But expert analysis showed the shot went directly into the abdomen of his football-mad great-grandson Stanley Metcalf, who shouted: ‘You shot me, granddad.’

The boy’s devastated mother Jenny Dees said she has not received an apology from Grannon – who is her grandfather – nearly one year on, as he was sentenced today.

Grannon claimed through his barrister that he pointed the gun at Stanley as he squeezed the trigger to check it was not loaded, ‘but not, of course, deliberately’.

However, the boy’s father Andrew Metcalf asked Grannon: ‘Why didn’t you check that gun, why did you point it at Stanley? Why did you take my little boy away?’

Albert Grannon Age

He is 78 years old.

Albert Grannon Victim Death Shot

The victim was the grandson of  Albert Grannon his name is Stanley Metcalf was shot in Sproatley, East Yorkshire, on July 26, 2018, his mother name is Jenny Dees

Albert Grannon Charged and jailed

Grannon, who bought the air rifle for £90, was jailed for three years for manslaughter and four months for possessing a firearm without a license, to run concurrently.

The judge, Mr. Justice Lavender, told Grannon: ‘You ended a young life and you brought lifelong grief and misery to his parents and to the whole of his family.’

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  1. Mother Jenny Dees says she has not yet received an apology from Albert Grannon, 78
  2. Stanley Metcalf was shot Dead by Albert Grannon on July 26, 2018
  3. He suffered a hole in the side of his abdomen when he was shot with an air rifle 
  4. Grannon jailed for three years for manslaughter at Sheffield Crown Court today