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Who is Albert Enoch Johnson Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Albert Enoch Johnson Wiki – Albert Enoch Johnson Biography

Albert Enoch Johnson The identity of the man wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of two parents at his West Jordan home on Saturday morning: Albert Enoch Johnson.
Johnson is 31 years old and described as approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 270 pounds. Police said Johnson may be traveling in a dark gray 2008 Toyota Corolla with license plate: V464MW.

Albert Enoch Johnson Age

He is 31 years old.

Albert Enoch Johnson Killed 2 Parents

There were signs in the home that whoever killed Butterfields may have broken through the house or taken items, police said, although it is difficult for officers to determine that without reliable witnesses. The couple’s children were home at the time, but since they are all under the age of 4, officers have difficulty determining the reliability of any information from them. The attack on Tony and Katherine took place in the back of the house, police said. Tony was found shot to death in the backyard, Katherine in the back door.
Who is Tony and Katherine Butterfield
On Saturday morning, Tony and Katherine Butterfield were shot dead during an invasion of their home in West Jordan, Utah. Police have said they are continuing their investigation and are looking for the killer, who they believe was wounded before getting into an escape car. The couple’s family released a statement Saturday night through the West Jordan Police Facebook page.
Tony and Katherine, ages 31 and 30, were the parents of three children, all under the age of four, who were at the home during the attack but are unharmed. The youngest was born only six months ago.

Police Investigation

A gun was not recovered from the crime scene, police said Monday. Police said Johnson is “certainly a dangerous person,” but they do not believe he represents an immediate danger to the community or people in the area where the killings occurred, nor do they believe he has returned to the neighborhood since the Butterfields were killed. He left the house before officers arrived and since then has been “avoiding contact with us,” police said.
Police believe the attack on the Butterfields was targeted and that Johnson and the couple were acquainted. They would not speak more on the matter, “to maintain the integrity of the investigation.”
They continued to characterize the attack as a “home invasion,” saying they do not believe Johnson was invited to the home or welcomed inside.
Police are currently not seeking any other suspects in connection with the double murder. Butterfield’s children are safe with their families, police said. The family requested privacy, but issued a statement Saturday night that said in part: