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Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes (Twin YouTubers Bank Robbery Prank) Wiki – Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes Bio

Alex and Alan Stokes run a YouTube channel called the Stokes Twins, which has 4 million subscribers. The brothers also have more than 25 million followers on TikTok.
Twin brothers who run a popular YouTube account are facing felony charges for two bank robbery pranks they allegedly carried out in California last year, authorities announced Wednesday.
The Orange County District Attorney said in a statement that 23-year-old Alan and Alex Stokes were charged with a false prison sentence affected by violence, threats, fraud or deception, and accidentally reported an emergency in connection with two jokes they made hours apart in Irvine.
On October 15, 2019, the Stokes brothers allegedly pulled their duffle bag with cash to look like they were dressed in all black, wearing a ski mask and robbed a bank.
“They ordered an Uber, and when they got into the car, the Uber driver, unaware of the joke, refused to drive them. One audience witnessed this, believing that two men were robbing a bank and trying to kidnap the Uber driver,” he said.
Responding to the scene, police reportedly ordered the undoubted Uber driver to get out of his car at gunpoint. The driver was released after finding that he was not involved in the joke that was filmed. Meanwhile, police warned Stokes brothers and let them go.
Four hours later, the two allegedly made a similar joke at the University of California in Irvine. Prosecutors say the Irvine police once again received an emergency call about a bank robbery.
Alex and Alan Stokes run a YouTube channel called Stokes Twins with 4 million subscribers. The siblings also have over 25 million followers on TikTok.
Stokes brothers reportedly posted a video about the events – “BANK ROBBER JOKE!
During the video, the brothers ran to Uber and they told the driver that “our escape driver was rescued from us”. The Uber driver tells the brothers what they are doing “isn’t funny” and orders them to get out of his car.
Later in the video, the Stokes brothers were seen telling the story to a group of UC Irvine students.
According to people, one of the brothers said, “We called us to the police all day.”
“A minute later, there were 10 police cars on it like guns. They were like rifles. They thought he was the escape driver, so they had 15 guns – like “I’m not part of it” … Yeah, poor guy. ”
The joke video was reported to collect 1 million views on YouTube before it was made private.
“Law enforcement bodies swear to protect the public, and they will respond to protect lives when someone calls 911 to report an active bank robbery,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.
“Instead, what they found was a sort of twisted attempt to gain more popularity on the internet by unnecessarily endangering the public and police officers.”