Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal: Adriana Ross Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Adriana Ross Bio

Adriana Ross Bio

Adriana Ross, a former model from Poland who was hired by Epstein in 2002 to work at his Florida mansion and allegedly helps set up sex sessions for the billionaire. She was questioned in 2010 regarding any participation by Prince Andrew in the trafficking ring set up by Epstein.

billionaire financier Jefferey Epstein hired Adriana Ross for $200,000 yearly who worked for him 24 hours a day to arrange his ‘personal and business life’.

Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal

The sex offender, who was charged last week over alleged underage sex trafficking, paid each assistant more than $200,000 a year and referred to them as ‘an extension of his brain’ according to a newly resurfaced profile written on him in 2005.

Epstein described his three assistants at the time as ‘social prosthesis’ and indispensable to his personal and business success.

‘They are an extension of my brain Their intuition is something that I don’t have.’

‘One of the assistants can pick up the stresses in one of my trader’s voices and put the call right through; that can save me hundreds of thousands of dollars’ he said.

The number of accusations against convicted sex offender and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein keeps growing. On Thursday the Miami Herald reported that at least a dozen new victims had come forward with claims that Epstein sexually abused them.

Since Epstein’s arrest on Saturday, four women have reached out to New York lawyer David Boies, and at least 10 more women have gotten in touch with lawyers throughout the country who have represented Epstein’s victims in the past.

Palm Beach attorney Jack Scarola told the Herald that at least five women, all of them minors at the time of the alleged abuse, had recently reached out to him and another lawyer, Brad Edwards, based in Fort Lauderdale. Scarola told the Herald, “The people we are speaking to are underage victims in Florida and in New York. They are not individuals whose claims have previously been part of any law-enforcement investigation.”

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Jeffrey Epstein hired three assistants on salaries more than $200,000 a year 
  • They worked for him 24/7 and had tripped on his private jet, free food, and haircuts
  • When one assistant, Lesley Groff, who was 38 at the time, got pregnant, he bought her a Mercedes Benz E320 and paid for a full-time nanny to ‘not lose her’
  • Groff said in a 2005 interview she worked well together due to their ‘good bond’
  • Groff and three others were granted immunity in Epstein’s 2008 sweetheart deal

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