Who is Adam Michael Zaborowski (cigar store Shooter) Wiki, Bio, Age, Shooter, Wounded by Police Shots

Adam Michael Zaborowski (cigar store Shooter) Wiki, Adam Michael Zaborowski Bio

Adam Michael Zaborowski entered Cigars International late Friday morning in the 4000 block of Nazareth Pike and the clerk told him of the mask requirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, township police Chief Dan Pancoast said. During the escalating conversation, Zaborowski told the clerk that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s order does not require a mask be worn, Pancoast said. The clerk responded that it was store policy, Pancoast added.

Adam Michael Zaborowski (35 years old) of Slatington, PA
Dial 911 if seen.

— BethlehemTwpPD (@BethlehemTwpPD) August 1, 2020

He is charged with murder attempts and related numbers after firing a gun at a clerk who says he must wear a mask at the Bethlehem Town cigar store.
The clerk offered to deliver cigars to Zaborowski outside the store, but the man bought two cigars and left without payment, said Pancoast. The clerk followed him to the parking lot to ask him to return to the cigars, but Zaborowski pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and shot a shot into the air, then the clerk fired two shots. Pancoast said several store bosses were sitting outside of cigarette cigars when fired, but none were shot.
Pancoast said that Zaborowski, who is believed to be armed and dangerous, used a blue Dodge van on the Brodhead Road with the Pennsylvania label ZLY6443 in the east.
Police Inspector Edward Fox III, one afternoon judge of Zaborowski from a district judge, attempted murder, heavy assault (two numbers), robbery (two numbers), possession of firearms, possession of firearms, licenses, and another person blatantly jeopardizing the court. registering the state.
Police said on Friday night that Zaborowski spent time in Slatington, Allentown and Bethlehem.
Pennsylvania requires masks in any public indoor space, including businesses, and in any outdoor space where distance cannot be maintained.
The store’s Bethlehem corporate headquarters did not return a phone message asking for comments.
State police said the district officer was slightly injured.
“We all got a little shaken. Thank God everyone is safe, ”says Puro International Mat Cook to WFMZ.
“Very simple. We will take care of you if you wait outside. When you call the number, someone will go out and bring you cigars, payment and something like that. ”Cook told Zaborowski.
Tom Gallagher was in the store at the time. He said that he heard Zaborowski arguing with the staff and saw a storm.
“It’s crazy,” he said. “In today’s environment, you have to protect everyone and yourself. So anyone who is selfish and uninterested in refusing to wear a mask is crazy. “