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Abdul Malabari has been an undertaker for unclaimed bodies for three decades. But he never thought he would have to bury people whose families wanted to say goodbye but couldn’t because of Covid-19. BBC Gujarati’s Shaili Bhatt reports.

Abdul Malabari Age

He is 51 years old.
“My work has no fixed timings,” says the 51-year-old undertaker. “As soon as we get a call, we proceed with the kit.”
Every time someone dies of coronavirus in Surat – in India’s western state of Gujarat – officials call Mr Malabari. So far the city has recorded 19 deaths, and 244 active cases. There are 3,548 in Gujarat.
“In such difficult times, Abdul bhai [brother] has been of great help,” says Ashish Naik, Surat’s deputy commissioner.
Mr Malabari says this is his job, and so he agreed to do it, despite the risk. His team now eat and sleep at the office of their charities, to protect their families from infection.
It is not the first time Mr Malabari has gone above and beyond for people he does not know. It was his compassion for a stranger three decades ago – when a different disease was snaking its way through the population – which led to his work today.