Sole Survivor on Season 39: Aaron Meredith Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aaron Meredith Biography

Aaron Meredith Biography

Aaron Meredith is born in 1983 and 36 years old from Rhode Island. Aaron Meredith is one of the contestants competing to become the Sole Survivor on Season 39 of the hit reality TV series.

Aaron Meredith AGe

He is 36 years old

Aaron Meredith Married

He has married seven years ago, Meredith’s wife’s name is Amanda. According to her Facebook page, she teaches high school Spanish in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. She also lists Ocean State CrossFit as a former workplace. They’ve been married since 2011.

Aaron Meredith Children

He has a five-year-old child. His son, Kellen, is 5 years old. Meredith told show producers that his son is his proudest accomplishment, describing Kellen as “unbelievably smart, kind, and funny.”

Aaron Meredith Career

Aaron Meredith owns a women’s only gym. he told Fitness is my passion. Aaron Meredith also has a party boat. Between May and October, he is the captain of that. If you have a group of friends and you want to get twisted on the water, Aaron Meredith can take care of it. It starts very, very calm. Then the true colors come out about two hours in once people get a little liquor. It’s fun to sit back and watch that happen.

An outdated LinkedIn profile for Meredith shows that he previously worked as a real estate agent for Slocum Realty in Warwick, Rhode Island in 2013. A search of real estate licenses for the state of Rhode Island shows that Meredith’s license expired in November of 2014 and he never renewed it.

Aaron Meredith Early Life

According to Parade, he told about his early life.

I went to school for electrical engineering. I was a college athlete in football and baseball, and I wrestled in high school. I did that for a couple of years, then got tired of engineering and moved back home with my parents. They were like, “What are you doing? You’re 22 years old living with mom and dad. You had a great career.” So I started waiting tables. I was at a local gym lifting when the GM came up to me and said, “I see you come in all the time and work out with your friends. You know what you’re doing. Have you ever thought about personal training?” I got my certification and started training.

Aaron Meredith Survivor on Season 39

Aaron Meredith told Survivor producers that one of his chief goals coming into the new season was to try to “tone down” his true personality. Meredith describes himself as a very competitive person. Combined with his athleticism and muscled body, he was concerned that he would pose as an obvious physical threat and be targeted as an early pick to be voted out.

Meredith said he wanted to be viewed as a provider who could help to make his fellow tribe members as comfortable as possible at camp. He added that while he wanted to perform well in physical challenges, he also aimed to avoid being viewed as dominant in them.

Adding to Aaron Meredith’s resume as an athletic threat in the game is his history with CrossFit. He was previously a co-owner of Ocean State Crossfit in Cranston, Rhode Island. He also competed in CrossFit competitions as recently as 2018.

Meredith shared a bit about his background in an issue of Ocean State CrossFit Magazine in 2012, which you can see online here. Meredith stated in the piece that he competed in natural bodybuilding and CrossFit competitions, “finishing around the top in every competition.”



Fast Facts You Need to Know

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