1444 Viral Video: The viral of the supposed cursed YouTube video

1444 Viral Video

1444 Viral Video

In the last hours in social networks and in searches a subject has been triggered: everyone looks for what is behind the alleged cursed YouTube video 1444. In the video that we share, the Argentine YouTuber Magnus Mefisto, specialized in horror stories and mystery, tells what is known at this time about the video and that in the last hours more has been searched in Spanish-speaking countries. Everyone wants to watch video 1444.

But what is video 1444? 

It is supposed to be a short video in which you can see how a young man is sitting in an armchair with a semi-automatic rifle with both hands pointed at his head … And, it seems, he pulled the trigger. The legend says that it was published on a YouTube channel at dawn on October 20, 2019, and that hours later it was deleted. Although too late. It had already been virtualized and shared on other channels. Being the beginning of the misfortune of those who have seen it. That is the story that is sold.

Has anyone seen the complete sequence of video 1444? 

There is a picture of the frame in which a white man is seen sitting on a sofa with the rifle in his hand. This is a young Russian, who according to Russian forums, was called  Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich and has committed suicide. The facts presented in the macabre video took place in Moscow last Thursday, October 17, always according to what has been published in the Russian forums. The video appears for the first time in one of those secret groups in which gores images are shared. The numbers 1444? Simply a sequence so that YouTube did not detect that it was a suicide.

The reality of video 1444? 

The rapid disclosure, coupled with the absence of information, are factors that have led to the story being surrounded with a certain halo of mystery and someone took advantage of it to create a creepypasta (short horror stories collected and shared through the Internet with the intention of scare or unsettle the reader), such as the Momo Challenge that went viral in early 2019 and that said Momo appeared in the middle of harmless videos on YouTube Kids and encouraged children to commit suicide. It was a hoax. Video 1444, like the Momo Challenge, is a macabre urban legend that in Internet times is spread through YouTube and social networks. The video exists, the young man committed suicide, but there is no curse associated with the viewing of the alleged cursed YouTube video.